Undercover Boss

The moving program that reveals everything the CEO didn't know about his company

Each episode depicts a person who has an upper-management position at a major business in Israel,

deciding to go undercover as an entry-level employee to discover the faults in the company. They will work in different fields of the company’s activity and hear from the employees about the difficulties and challenges they encounter, personally and professionally, without them knowing his identity. In the meeting between both ends, the boss will get to see the anonymous employees with the help of which his company is successful, hear their exciting stories and learn about their professional and personal challenges.

At the end of the journey, the boss will meet the employees he got to know during that period, reveal his identity and express his impression of their work.

“Undercover Boss” is the most idealistic show on screen”. Nir Kipnis, Globes, May 2015.

The launch of the first season reached a high record of 37.5% TVR.

The opening episode of the second season with reached impressive 34.7% TVR and over a million views.

Seasons: 2

Season 1: 6 episodes (2013)

Season 2: 9 episodes (2015)

Executive Producer and Editor in Chief: Assaf Gil

Chief editor and director: Ohad Gal’oz

Produced by: Eyal Simantov

Broadcast channel: Channel 2 – Reshet

Based on the format: ALL3MEDIA – UNDERCOVER BOSS


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