Capturing The Moment

Reliving precious moments

“Capturing the Moment” is an original docu-reality program that allows a glimpse into the personal stories of older people, some of whom are 75 years old or older (and one participant is 100 years old!) who share with the viewers the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years on various issues that interest and occupy us all, including: love, secrets, break-ups and family. Each of the issues is presented by four participants who will share with the viewers their personal story, which led to life they lived and personal conclusions. They are funny, touching, moving and fascinating and each of them brings a story that will inspire our own lives.

Each episode includes inspiring personal stories captured in a on old photo, alongside historical and social elements and archive footage, culminating in an exciting recreation of this image by a leading photographer, years after the original photo was taken.

The original format of the program gained international success as local versions were produced in various countries such as Germany, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Seasons: S1 – 6 episodes (2016)

Executive Producer and Editor in Chief: Assaf Gil

Director and Editor in Chief: Maytal Kain

Producer: Dror “Jimmy” Binyamini

Creators: Assaf Gil, Yuval Cohen, Dorit Gvirtzman, Amir Ben Sira

Channel: Channel 1 (IBA)


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