Forget Me Not

A journey to the forgotten Israeli long-time stars

We grew up singing their songs, learning from them, laughing with them – a journey to the stars of Israel’s past: the actors, singers, military personnel, and politicians who burst into our lives and disappeared from the public eye.

An original docu-reality series that goes on a journey into the past and in search of the people who made headlines but disappeared from the public eye.

They touched fame, became famous, their faces and voices were known in every household in Israel, but not anymore. Iris Kol will try to understand why they were forgotten, find out what happened to them since and publicity, try to understand how they deal with the change of status and above all – what they are doing today.

Each episode focuses on the story of one public figure, in a conversation about life in the light of the past and the present. It also deals with the less glamorous sides of the show- business and examines the concept of success among a special mosaic of these people.

At the end of each episode, Iris Kol surprises each of the participants with a gesture that brings them back to the past and glory, if only for a brief moment.

Among the participants: Yiftah Katzur, Shula Chen, Dana Dvorin, Yanush Ben Gal, Tinkerbell and more

Seasons: 1, 11 episodes, 2014

Executive Producer Editor in Chief: Assaf Gil

Producer: Uri Ben Haim

Editor and Director: Yasmin Kinei

Host: Iris Kol

Broadcast channel: Channel 1 (IBA)


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