Family Secrets

A personal and historical journey following family mysteries

Historian and genealogist decipher hidden stories and family secrets. The mystery and its solution take us on a surprising and shocking personal and historical journey.

In each episode, 3 people seek to solve a family mystery that has been following them for years. Through genealogical research that takes months, the experts try to find a solution to those unsolved mysteries and reveal the truth and bring the personal stories into the great thread of history.

Seasons: 1. 2 episodes (2021)

Executive Producer Editor in Chief: Assaf Gil

Producer: Uri Ben Haim

Editor: Shefi Malek Ben Yosef

Narrator: Yuval Segal

Experts: Dr. Rona Yona, Dr. Arnon Hershkowitz

Broadcast channel: Kan 11

Based on the format: “My Family Secrets Revealed”- Passion Distribution


צפה בטריילר

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